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China Garnet

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Abrasive Garnet for waterjet

High quality abrasive garnet for waterjet cutting machines
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Welcome to China Garnet!

China garnet provides high quality abrasive garnet for waterjet cutting machines.

Northen China is rich of high quality non-ferrous garnet mineral.

For water jet cutting machine usage, we provide M60, and M80 two grades. M60 provides good cutting power and speed, while M80 provides good speed and quality edge.
Common Characteristics:
Bulk Density: about 140-150lb/ft3
Hardness:     > 7.0 Moh
Purity:       > 95%
Grain size
~40%       mesh 50     300 micron meter
30-40%     mesh 60     250 micorn meter
~10%       mesh 70     210 micorn meter
~20%       mesh  50     300 micron meter
20-30%     mesh  60     250 micron meter
30-40%     mesh  80     180 micron meter
~10%       mesh 100     150 micron meter

Garnet samples are available upon request

waterjet abrasive garnet

FOB China:
M60 USD$180/ton
M80 USD$180/ton
FOB Los Angeles, USA:
M60 USD$295/ton 
M80 USD$295/ton
Package in 25kg or 55lb bags

Please contact us for orders less than a ton
Please contact us for questions or place order

Tel: 001 626 233 0141

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